Raymond, Wisconsin 

Wick Place Farm breeds and keeps a flock of approximately 100 chickens for hatching and table eggs. The hens and roosters are pastured which allows them to live healthy and robust lives. The flock includes Cream Legbars, Black Copper Marans, and Olive Egger Hybrids. 

Wick Place Farm raises Huacaya alpacas. The small herd includes fiber males that produce high quality fiber that is made into yarn and other products. Our alpacas are also harvested for meat which we sell as Alpaca Jerky. 


Wick Place Farm LLC


Wick Place Farm is a small farm in the town of Raymond, Wisconsin. Owners Mike and Cheryl care for their Huacaya Alpacas, Honey Bees, and Chickens including Cream Legbars, Black Copper Marans and Olive Egger Hybrids. Wick Place Farm works to live sustainably and raise its livestock as naturally as possible. NPIP & Member APA

Honey Bees

Wick Place Farm maintains a small apiary of beehives on their farm. Both the honey as well as the beeswax for candle making is harvested in the late summer.​